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December 10, 2023 Posted by Mariko Williams

What is a grease trap? 

To stop fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering Sydney’s sewage system, food enterprises must have a Sydney water grease trap. FOG can damage natural water supplies, restrict water treatment, and block pipes. When wastewater slows down, the trap allows grease to climb to the top while solid waste sinks. Grease is caught by baffles while clean water runs to the sewer. It’s essential to clean frequently to avoid backups. To prevent plumbing problems and fines from Sydney Water, businesses using trade wastes must install grease tanks and create trade waste agreements. 

Grease trap installation 

Every Sydney business should take into account several variables while getting ready for grease trap installation and grease trap maintenance. enclosed in: 

  • Do the proper. Sydney Water must provide its clearance before your grease filter can be installed.
  • Assist a plumber with a license. You need a licensed plumber to install your grease filter according to Sydney Water Regulations.
  • Only use grease traps with a license. Only approved grease filters, according to Sydney Water, can be fitted. One of our professional plumbers can assist you in choosing a certified grease trap.
  • Verify the grease trap’s appropriate size. To guarantee that it processes the wastewater from your company, the size of your lubricating network must meet both your present and future maximum flows. You might need to use more pretreatment when installing a tiny grease trap.
  • It has to be close to the source. The grease trap needs to be situated as near as feasible to the cooking area. This might assist you in installing lengthy pipes in your workplace, where accumulated grease can choke pipes and result in floods.
  • Gravitational weak force. Pump systems need higher installation and maintenance costs than gravity systems. Your property may flood as a result of a malfunctioning pump.
  • Unrestricted access. Sydney Water officials want a secure method of tracking the grease network’s effectiveness.


Your Sydney water grease trap will be installed and repaired by a licensed plumbing expert according to the manufacturer’s instructions and all Sydney Water specifications. They will handle the trash disposal, measure your grease trap to the proper size, and choose the optimum location. There will be a waste management system, smoke extractor, and pipes at the location once it has been excavated and installed. The location will be cleaned when all repairs are finished, and the functionality of the drainage and water systems will be checked. A fresh form of Fair Trade in drainage will also be implemented. management diagram. Last but not least, they will provide you with evidence showing compliance so that you won’t run into any problems with local government. 

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