Outsourcing Jobs And The Benefits

August 24, 2017 Posted by Mariko Williams

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing in other terms is also known as a sub contract. The term is usually used in relation to companies. Companies handing over activities or work that can be done by them to another company is known as outsourcing. The act can be done either by an individual or a firm.

How it is done

Usually large companies would get this outsourcing done by an advertising recruitment Manchester process. Once they have advertised their expectations, nature of the job, terms and conditions, salary and other specific requirements they would immediately higher a person or company to provide services to them through digital recruitment London. This is a lot effective as less time is spent on looking for a worthy employee.

The digital method may work in our favour but it does have negative effects as well. Another company could get your employee for a much higher price through the same method. Therefore, one should always be tactful and have proper contract methods done legally before hiring outsourcing companies.

Why is it done?

If you are wondering as to why a company would do such a thing, then the answer is cost management. By outsourcing a large company work to a much smaller company in another country the larger company would not have to pay a large sum to the outsourced company. This way the cost is effective and there would be an increase in production. The aim is to target low develop countries such as Uganda, Somalia and so on where the labour cost is extremely low. Further the enthusiasm in the workers of these sub contracted companies are surprisingly high.

What companies can be outsourced

Not many companies can outsource their work to other companies. But outsourcing can be usually seen in fields such as information technology, management, installation, network servicing, human resource and business analysis as these fields are in bigger scale, largely expanded worldwide and would need many man power.

The black and white side of outsourcing

While outsourcing jobs can be looked as a development in business it can also be a downfall for the economy of a country. Large companies by outsourcing their work to small companies or under developed countries, they are depriving the employee opportunities of their people within the country. This can be seen as a major drawback of the outsourcing process. A suggestion would be therefore that outsourcing a company’s work to a firm which is not within their country, instead sub contract the work to a firm within the country.

Spending Your Free Time In A Creative Way

January 12, 2017 Posted by Mariko Williams

We all tend to get some free time during our life, thus, we need to make use of it in the best way possible. You can always opt to laze around at home, who doesn’t like a few days of lie in? But when there are endless other things you could rather be trying out; you must try to get yourself out of your couch and explore all new things! Listed below are a limited number of the vast things you can get try out while you get creative with all the free time on your hands.

Try out all the classy thingsIf you like to laze around in your PJs all day, well it’s time to put on your best evening dress/suit and go all out trying the classy things people do! This tends to open your eyes to a whole other lifestyle, that you might eventually actually get used to and like. You can involve yourself in being a part of horse syndicates and watch and get involved in horse auctions in Australia , another option is to go to a few wine tastings, a book launch or the conference you’ve always wanted to. This is surely the most creative and classy way to spend your time.

Get yourself a fitness trainerAnother option is to spend your free time getting yourself fit and healthy. If you’ve always wanted a flat stomach or a set of abs, well this is time to start on that part of your journey! These things tend to take time, so you need to understand that this should be something you invest your time on, on a daily basis and do it continuously in order to achieve the results you need. Getting yourself a fitness trainer or a personal trainer is a good idea, or you can even opt to visit a gym or fitness center.

Start a home businessGet your own business going, this gives you the chance to make money and gain experience being a businessmen/businesswoman! The number of businesses you can either start on your own, be a part of or invest on are endless. You can always start your own, if you think you’ve got what it takes. You can be a part of another business, such as racehorse syndicates or opt to partner with another home-based business! You can even start a business that is based online, or if you are excellent in one field, start a blog or open up your own website. The options are endless.  By trying out these things during your free time, not only do you spend time in a productive manner, you also better yourself in the process!